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Payment Options

Wallace oilsIt is our aim to make dealing with Wallace Oils as simple as possible for our customers, and this philosophy applies to paying for your fuel too.

That is why we offer a range of different payment options, with something to suit everyone.

The different options available include:

  • Paying for your fuel on delivery
  • Using a credit or debit card
  • subject to status, you can open an account

To find out more details about any of these options, speak to your local Wallace Oils office and they'll help you to choose the right method of payment for you.

Payment Plan

Let Wallace Oils take the heat out of your fuel bill. Wallace Oils offers a number of payment options allowing you to pay for home heating oil immediately with a credit or debit card, or at the point of delivery. Also, subject to status, you can open an account with us or enter into our Wallace Oils payment plan.

How does the Wallace Oils Payment Plan Work?

From the oil usage information you provide on your application form, we will calculate your payments for you. We will then notify you of the amount you will pay automatically each month by Direct Debit.

If you are unsure of your annual usage you can speak to a member of staff at your local Wallace Oils and they will be happy to go through this with you.

If at any time you need to alter the payment amount due to a change in your fuel usage, we can adjust the amount for you.

The Benefits

The benefits of the Wallace Oils Payment Plan include:

  • Being able to spread the cost of your heating oil
  • Enjoying interest free credit
  • No more large bills
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